Sauna Care and Cleaning

Sauna care and cleaning really won’t demand much of your time, but there are a few things that you want to stay on top of to keep your sauna in pristine condition.

If your sauna is getting fairly old, you may be thinking about giving it a facelift. You may be tempted to paint or varnish the interior of the unit, which is not a good idea. Your sauna should be comprised of natural wood and applying anything to it can cause some problems. For one thing, it could make the surfaces of the wood much hotter, which could cause you injury when sitting on it. The wood needs to be able to breathe. You could also end up becoming exposed to harmful fumes from the paint chemicals when they become heated. What you can do is give your benches a light sanding, which will help to restore them.

Keeping the sauna interior clean means you won’t have to do anything extra special to it. There are some excellent sauna cleaning brushes that you can buy. Just keep one of these near the sauna door, so that it can be used each time following a sauna session. All it takes is dipping the sauna brush in a pail of water, then giving the benches, walls and floor a quick scrub. It only takes a few minutes to do this and it keeps the sauna clean and in prime condition.

On occasion, some stains may appear within the sauna that you are not able to remove with a quick scrub. You can use a hand brush and some warm soapy water for this.

Keep a close eye that no mold is forming anywhere within the sauna. If you do spot some, you can clean this with a gentle bleach and a scrub brush.

Leaving the sauna door open after it has been used will allow it to dry out properly and will help to prevent any mold issues.

One area of the sauna that can get grungy looking is the floors. On occasion, you can mop this down with some warm water and a disinfectant.

For the glass portions of your sauna you can clean the glass just as you would any other type of glass.

As you can see, the sauna care and cleaning really doesn’t demand a lot of your time or effort. Especially when you follow these steps on a routine basis.

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