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Product Features

  • Seats: Up to 10 Adults
  • Dimensions (inches): 96 x 122 x 39
  • Dimensions (cm): 244 x 310 x 99
  • Weight (Full): 6993 lbs/ 3173 kg
  • Weight (Empty): 1365 lbs/ 619 kg
  • Jets (Titanium Series): 70
  • Brand: Hydropool
  • How Much Water?: 675 US gal/ 2554 L

What Spa 2017 and Hydropool Gold Standard logoThe Self Cleaning 1038 is perfect for large families or for those who like to entertain. Loaded with lots of luxurious jetting and multi-level seating makes this a dream spa. You definitely will not be disappointed with its size and performance.

With its Self Cleaning system there is never a need to vacuum the bottom of this huge spa as all of the work is done for you. As with all of our spas they designed for the Canadian winters so they lock the heat in and keep the cold out therefore keeping running costs to a minimum.

This spa is available in the Platinum Version (70 jets) but you can of course choose from our extensive range of options and colours to customize your dream spa.

Buy Now Pay Later available.