Product Features

  • Seats: Up to 5 Adults
  • Dimensions (inches): 79.5 x 79.5 x 35
  • Dimensions (cm): 202 x 202 x 89
  • Weight (Full): 3328 lbs / 1510 Kgs
  • Weight (Empty): 673 lbs/ 305 Kgs
  • Jets (Gold Series): 30
  • Jets (Platinum Series): 40
  • Brand: Hydropool
  • How Much Water?: 318 US Gallons / 1205 L

What Spa 2017 and Hydropool Gold Standard logoStart your day off right! Imagine how much better your day will start when you slip into your own Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub for a few minutes each morning. Your circulation will improve, your muscles will relax and feel better, and your state of mind will be enhanced. You will be better prepared to face a hectic day at work, a workout at the gym or a round of golf at the club!

Beautifully crafted and styled, this model offers many of the features of the larger Serenity models. With a variety of massage jets, multi-level seating, a long deep lounger, two internal safety access steps and more, the 5000 is ideal.

Two internal safety access steps also make this popular 5 seater very ‘user friendly' for all ages. This spa tops our must have list year on year! Capable of accommodating smaller and taller bathers thanks to its multi-level seating and long deep lounger, the Serenity 5000 also has 3 comfortable head cushions that gently support your head and neck, as well as safety grab handles built into the moulding for comfort

This Hydropool Serenity 5000 (Gold Series) has a carbon footprint of just 070 tCO2-e/month and is thus approved as part of the Hydropool Evergreen Commitment. This hot tub is the perfect fit for many relaxing moments!

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