Indoor pools are the ultimate in style and convenience. They are unique and individual to the expressions of the owner. Formed in any shape or size, luxurious indoor pools offer the convenience and comfort of year-round use.

Be they liner pools, fibreglass or the ultimate statement - an individually tiled pool with glass mosaics from our huge range.These pools can also benefit from electrically controlled slatted or safety covers, to make unparalleled ease of operation, family safety and convenience!

These days however, indoor pool ownership has expanded enormously thanks to the availability of a huge variety of fixed permanent buildings or modern rigid structures to suit most budgets.
In respect of movable roofs, and thanks to the sliding variety of structures on a rail system, many of these enable an indoor or outdoor facility, which offers the “best of both worlds”, whether it’s closed during snowy days, or wide open on a hot summer’s day. Even tinted windows are now available.

We offer a range of suitable and modern flooring materials, including surfaces which are not only safe, but very stylish to complete your perfect pool enclosure.

You don’t need to waste hours trying to find the right suppliers. We use our knowledge of the industry to present you with the perfect solution to suit your requirements and budget. And because we employ our own in-house staff, from builders to electricians and all ancillary trades also, we are able to organize your complete project from end to end.

We will guide you through the entire process of making your indoor pool project fun, exciting, pleasurable and perfectly affordable.

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