With today’s modern construction techniques and technologies, you too can enjoy your own outdoor pool, small or large, for less than you might imagine!

In ground outdoor pools look fantastic and are enjoyed year –round, (or for longer summers than in previous decades) by many enthusiasts, as modern methods and materials enable warmer water to be produced and conserved at extremely low cost, whatever the colour of the sky!

You choose the size and shape of your pool, and we can provide a safety cover or an attractive insulated thermal cover to conserve water temperature when the pool is not in use. We build beautiful liner pools that have a thermal underlay to help maintain heat levels. Modern eco-friendly materials such as building blocks and panels also enhance insulation, so you can enjoy your new amenity to the full, at, say 28C water temperature (or even higher), for unbelievably lower costs than pool owners in previous times.

There are a number of different types of swimming pools, from timber frame to fiberglass, liners to tiled – the choices are endless, and only limited by your imagination and allocated budgets!

All you need to do is discuss your dream with us, albeit a single-lane lap pool, as previously seen on design programmes and at the Chelsea Flower Show, and we will do the rest. Rectangular pools are usually considered to be the most practical, and can be finished to look stunningly impressive. We offer a wide range of materials for pool surrounds too, from child-safety surfaces, to Greek or Italian marble!

Alternatively, the new-generation of wooden liner pools are also cleverly designed, with beautiful liner patterns and modern colours. These pools are offered in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from octagonal to variations on rectangular. They can be built quickly above ground, or semi-sunk, providing a bench-seating effect on the surround. Costs are very reasonable for a family-sized pool, but many people go for a smaller version, as seen on our Ruxley Manor showroom at Hot Tub and Swim Spa Co. We have often been told that some of the happiest childhoods have been spent in a swimming pool!
There is nothing quite like your own private swimming pool.

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