Klafs Home Sauna

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Casting a glance around the interior of a stunning HOME sauna, the first thing to meet your eye will be the high-quality internal cladding, fully fitted in your choice of natural Scandinavian spruce, white varnish or Hemlock- providing a particularly pleasant bathing experience.

The comfortable ergonomically designed backrests, rounded mouldings, LUMA sauna light and wide back benches with head rests ooze serenity and style. Although the large stone capacity of the heater may be hidden from view you can certainly feel it! The heater is easy to regulate using the control unit and always delivers the optimum sauna climate! The additional details such as the mirror, window, towel rail and hooks all contribute to making this sauna a real hit as far as the budget is concerned!

The only thing that could make your life more pleasant would be to opt for the extra SANARIUM with SaunaPUR feature! This offers five different types of warm baths in one cabin, enabling you to enjoy exceptional well-being experiences. Evidence shows that relaxing in a SANARIUM is good for your health. By using it on a regular basis it “exercises” your cardiovascular system and reduces your susceptibility to catching a cold!

Your very own Sauna is the ideal way of alleviating the stress put on our bodies and souls by modern life. Start looking after yourself now. Ask us for the most perfect size to fit your lifestyle.

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