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Just as the name suggests, this range of sauna gives you almost unlimited versatility, allowing you to customise and develop an exclusive sauna to suit your every need. The Evolve is the perfect choice for those who seek a sensible solution at a reasonable price. With panels made of spruce or aspen combined with a glass door, you can be the proud owners of a sauna that encompasses a traditional feel with a modern look. This sauna is available in an impressive seventeen sizes, which of course can be supplemented with our glass sections, lighting systems and accessories.

The ‘concealed nailing’, on both the interior and exterior of its immaculate design, means that it oozes superiority and dominance. The Evolve is supplied with two benches and a backrest made of aspen, allowing you to achieve maximum relaxation and pleasure.

The Evolve is available in 3 versions: Evolve, Evolve Plus GF and Evolve Plus GC, differing in the amount of glass panelling. The Evolve Plus GC boasts clear glass panels on both the front and the side of the sauna, creating a uniquely spacious feeling combined with an exclusive aesthetic design.

Buy Now Pay Later available.