Product Features

  • Shell Dimensions: 533 cm x 236.2 cm / 210" x 93"
  • Height: 124.5 cm / 49"
  • Volume of Swim Spa: 8257 L / 2181 US gal
  • Weight Full: 9451 Kg / 20830 lbs
  • Weight Empty: 1194 Kg / 2627 lbs
  • Size Category: 17 ft
  • Hydrotherapy Seating: 2

What Spa 2017 and Hydropool Gold Standard logoThe Self Cleaning AquaTrainer 17fX has the largest pool area of the models and is big enough for multiple people to sunbathe on pool inflatables, canoe, surf against the wave or even play a fun game of volleyball. To complement your swim the AquaTrainer 17fX has two full body massage jets.

You have a spacious pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all in one. The variable speed current stream allows you to adjust the current from a gentle front crawl to a 1:02 hundred-metre swim pace, a challenge for even a competitive swimmer.

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