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Benefits of using a steam room in hot weather

If you’re doubtful about the benefits that steam rooms can provide in the summer, we’re here to set the record straight. Steam rooms can be incredibly beneficial to your health, even if the weather outside is humid! When it’s stuffy outside, many people compare the humidity to being in a steam room – although when it comes to the physical characteristics of steam and humidity, what you experience outside is nothing like what you’ll find in a steam room.

How much do hot tubs cost to run?

One thing that many people worry about when considering purchasing a hot tub is how much your electricity will increase. These types of concerns are quite common, after all, maintaining a continuous high temperature in a hot tub used to take a lot of energy. However, there’s good news if you’re in the position to buy a hot tub. Hot tub manufacturers have vastly improved the energy efficiency of home spas in recent years, this means that the difference in your monthly electric bill is unlikely to be as significant as you expect.

Finding the perfect spot in your garden for a swim spa

Are you considering purchasing a swim spa? If that’s the case, you’ve probably already envisioned  where it will be in your garden. If not, don’t fret! We’ve put together some useful points to consider to ensure that your swim spa ends up in the perfect spot in your garden.

In-ground vs Above-ground


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