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10 benefits your steam room can bring to you

Your steam room can do a lot more for you than just relaxation. Having a steam room at home is a fantastic luxury, not just from the point of view of life experience but wellness and winding down too. These are just a few of the benefits that your steam room can deliver, whether you’re using it first thing in the morning, post-workout or just before you go to sleep.

1. A steam clean for the skin

The clean, damp heat of steam has long been used by beauty experts as a way to improve skin quality and cleanliness. Spending time in your steam room opens the pores so you can sweat out any dirt, oil or bacteria. The result of regular use is cleaner skin, fewer blackheads and spots, and skin that looks better thanks to the increased blood flow in your body due to the heat.

2. An aid to weight loss

The heat of the steam room causes your body to sweat and your heartbeat to rise as your body works to handle the increased heat. This higher heart rate boosts the metabolism and leads the body to burn more calories even though you’re sitting still.

3. A few moments of calm

A steam room is a very peaceful experience and the mental benefits of taking time out to really relax should not be underestimated. Whether you’re gathering your thoughts before a key meeting or preparing for the day ahead, a steam can give you a much needed quiet moment.

4. Detoxifying from head to toe

It’s not just the skin that benefits from the cleansing effect of sweating but your entire body. Sweating is one of the main ways that we rid ourselves of toxins and regular sessions in a steam room are the perfect way to give your body the chance to refresh and renew.

5. Joint management

The impact of spending time in a steam room is very positive for your joints, helping to ease the pain of conditions such as arthritis and improve joint mobility.

6. Getting your blood pumping

When you’re sitting in the heat of a steam room your cardiovascular system gets a serious boost, as the body responds by increasing the blood flow around the body. There are many benefits to this improvement in circulation, from heart health through to waking you up in the mornings.

7. A great partner to a workout

The steam room is the ideal place to wind down after a gym session, helping to soothe any flaring nerve endings and aid recovery. It has also been found to help improve gym gains – the heat reduces oxidative stress on the body, improving muscle growth and recovery.

8. Hydration station

Take a large bottle of water into the steam room with you and you’ll come out fresh and hydrated, as the heat will encourage you to drink more.

9. Clear your head

If you have sinus issues, or just a seasonal cold, a session in the steam room will open mucous membranes and help to clear your sinuses.

10. Nowhere to plug in your phone

Steam rooms are a technology free zone – if you’re struggling with tech addiction and looking for a way to reduce screen time, the steam room is the perfect place.

These are just some of the fantastic benefits of a steam room at home. Contact The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company today to find out more.

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