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10 reasons to take the plunge and have your very own swimming pool

A swimming pool is a fantastic asset in any home. From providing a location for socialising to helping your family to implement genuine lifestyle change, there are lots of reasons why it makes sense to take the plunge and have your very own swimming pool.

1. You can increase the value of your home

In fact, estimates suggest that adding a swimming pool to your property can increase its value by around 15%. Buyers will pay more for a swimming pool and, for some, it’s a deal breaker.

2. Swimming at home is safer

If your kids are playing in the pool in the garden it’s much easier to keep an eye on them than if they are in a public pool or at someone else’s home. With a pool at home you can teach them how to be safe in the water from an early age.

3. Create a space for making great family memories

It can be difficult to make real family time, especially once your kids become teenagers. However, if you have a pool at home then you have a space where everyone can congregate without the distraction of a TV screen or anywhere to plug in a smart phone.

4. A great way to entertain

If you’re the neighbour with the pool then you’ll instantly find your home is popular, especially on hot summer days. Home swimming pools are great for socialising and can make any summer party extra special. Your kids will be even more popular during the summer holidays too when every child in the neighbourhood wants a pool to cool off in.

5. Hydrotherapy is great for relaxing

When you get home after a hard day, a dip in the pool can be reviving and refreshing. Water therapy is renowned for helping the body to relax and distress. Whether you swim or just soak, the luxury of a pool at home makes it much easier to wind down and chill out.

6. Save money on holidays and vacations

Although you’ll still want to go away on holiday, if there are times when you can’t then a pool at home still means the family can have a great summer. With plenty of options for pool financing, it doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think.

7. Be creative with your swimming pool

If you think your property deserves much more than a simple pool then you have plenty of options, from slides and waterfalls to fountains and sculptures.

8. Improving health and fitness

Swimming is fantastic exercise that works the whole body in a supported way. With a pool at home there’s no excuse for not sticking to your exercise schedule so you can make great progress towards your fitness goals.

9. Cool off in the summer

There is nothing – not even iced drinks or air conditioning – that beats a pool for escaping the summer heat.

10. The right pool is a great investment

Unlike an experience or a trip, a pool is permanent so your family can enjoy a pool at home for years to come.

If you’d like to discuss your options for a swimming pool at home, please contact a member of The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company team today.

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