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A Swim Spa in the Workplace?

Of course, most employers want to get the best work performance they can from their employees when they are on the job. Many companies wouldn't consider having a swim spa or other forms of entertainment in a workplace setting. The concern would be that that the employee’s would simply not get their work done. However, perceptions may be changing.

One of the biggest factors that employers have to deal with is loss of employee time from work because of illness. Depending on the work load, substantial lost time can be costly for the company. Based on this reality, more companies are looking at ways to keep their employees healthy.

One such way may be to ensure that they are able to get their proper exercise. It has been indicated that the average working individual spends half of their waking hours at their place of work. This doesn’t leave much time to fit in all the other necessities of life and for most, exercise is just not a priority.

Workplaces that set up a gym that includes a swim spa may reap many benefits. It would also be beneficial for companies to implement a wellness program for their employees. Employees can use these facilities prior to work, after work or even during their lunch break. In the past, there have been polls on this subject and having a work place fitness facility was one of the top three requests.

Studies have found that for many companies that have this resource in place, reduce absenteeism. It also showed that it helped to increase work productivity during the working hours. Many employees felt better over all and had better morale. Many found they could concentrate better.

A swim spa is such a compact spa that it is not difficult to find space for within the workplace. Water exercise is ideal for almost anyone. In many cases, it is a better alternative for novices who are just starting out in an exercise regime. The swim spa is also a great stress reliever.

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