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Benefits of choosing a Softub

Hot tubs come in all shapes and types so why should you choose a Softub?

The comfort factor

If you’re looking for a truly comfortable hot tub then the inflatable options are often the best. A Softtub is the equivalent of sitting in a pool of bubble-filled water in one giant air-filled bubble. The Softub has a softer, more flexible lining that makes the whole experience much more like a massage by removing any hard edges.

Softubs are more flexible

If you consider a hot tub to be an investment then the Softub option is the best kind because you can enjoy it in a wide range of different places. While a standard hot tub may be limited to a large outside space, a Softub can be placed anywhere. From holiday homes to smaller balcony spaces, a Softub is easier to set up in any location that you choose.

More cost effective and affordable

Both the up front and the maintenance costs are much lower for Softubs. Softubs are often made from less expensive materials and have just one pump unit, which is why they come in at a much lower price than a classic hot tub. Their mobility and accessibility makes them easier to keep clean too and with the right care the durable materials of the Softub can last for years making them a really cost effective hot tub investment.

Therapeutic purposes

A Softub is perfect for those in need of a little hydrotherapy or stress relief. Hydrotherapy can help with a number of conditions, including arthritis and tendonitis, as the water jets apply just the right kind of warm pressure to help the body both relax and revive. The warmth of the water can reduce blood pressure and boost circulation and the endorphins release during an inflatable hot tub session are scientifically proven to give you a better night’s sleep. Your inflatable hot tub could even help with Type 2 diabetes – just 30 minutes a day in the tub can help to lower blood sugar levels by mimicking the effect of insulin.

Customise your hot tub for you…

Softubs offer just as wide a range of options as any other type of hot tub whether you’re looking for LED lights or the most powerful jets. Find the size and dimensions that work best for you, both in terms of the area you the hot tub to fill and the type of space available to accommodate it. If you want to have Softub that looks more permanent then there are plenty of options for casings and panels too.

…And then accessorise it

No matter what your idea of accessories is there are plenty of different options to choose from. Opt for cleaning accessories to keep your Softub in great condition, from leaf catchers to products that will prolong the life of the tub. Or you can go all out in terms of comfort and glamour with everything from head rests and drinks tables through to steps. And if you want to make your Softub party central then disco lights will get everyone jumping in.                                                                             

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