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Can You Use a Hot Tub During Pregnancy?

Can You Use a Hot Tub During Pregnancy?

Many women who have become pregnant for the first time are unsure of what they are allowed to do when it comes to using a hot tub. Even women that have used one prior to their pregnancy are sometimes nervous about whether they should cease from using it during their entire pregnancy.

It's important to remember that the hot tub can temporarily raise the normal body temperature. This is sometimes referred to as hyperthermia. Most medical experts do not like to see a raise in body temperature above 101° F in a woman who is pregnant. There have been some indications that there may be a higher chance of birth defects in babies of women whose body temperature was above normal during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

Many medical professionals suggest that the hot tub should be avoided during the pregnancy mostly because of the concern of the raised temperature. Hot tubs are designed to create a warmer water temperature which will naturally increase the body temperature. In general, it usually takes anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes of being in a hot tub to raise the body temperature to at least 102° F. The whole purpose of the hot tub is to provide benefits through this warm water.

The recommendation not to use the hot tub during pregnancy makes many women wonder what the difference is between a hot tub and a hot bath. The general answer is that in a bath, most of the upper a body is not immersed in the hot water, therefore the body temperature is not likely to rise as high. Plus, the bath water cools off quickly, where the hot tub maintains its temperature.

There are some women that simply do not want to give up the benefits they enjoy from their hot tub. While it is recommended that they do refrain from this, there are some extra steps that can be taken to reduce the potential risk of the increased temperature. Before attempting to use a hot tub while pregnant, it's important to consult your doctor first.

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