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Connect with nature and feel the hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub

Research has found that time spent outside in nature can have a very positive impact when it comes to reducing stress levels. Exposure to natural light increases the levels of serotonin in the body and helps to boost the mood. However, for many of us, the majority of our days are not spent outside in a natural environment but in an office space or inside a building. Walking from the office to the car, or from public transport home, might be the only chance we get to be outside during the course of a day. If you have a hot tub at home this is a great opportunity to tap into the benefits of connecting with nature, as well as the positive impact that hydrotherapy has to offer.

A hot tub outside in nature

Multiple studies have been conducted over the years looking at the impact of nature on stress. For example, the researcher who created the term “road rage” found that the scent of grass had a calming effect on agitated drivers. As well as increasing the levels of serotonin in the body, spending more time in nature can also help to boost other bodily functions, such as strengthening the immune system. Positioning a hot tub outside provides the opportunity to do more communing with nature, from inhaling the fresh scents all around you to resting your eyes on trees or grass, instead of grey concrete. Plus you’ll get more natural light and be exposed to phytoncides, which are emitted by plants and trees, - according to the Japanese Society of Biometeorology these can significantly improve health.

Combining the benefits of hydrotherapy too

Whether you’re using the hot tub at night looking up at the stars or during the day in the sunshine, you’ll still enjoy a range of benefits that come from hydrotherapy. These include:

  • Immune boosting experience. Hydrotherapy is known to increase circulation and the flow of white blood cells around the body. This enables lymph to move more freely around the body – lymph is part of the immune system, which removes unwanted materials. The more effective it is, the better your immune system is able to function.
  • Flushing out toxins. The warmth of the water can make you sweat, which is the most effective way for the body to rid itself of toxins and impurities.
  • Releasing muscle tension. The buoyancy of the water is supportive and can take the pressure off the body, enabling muscles to relax. As hydrotherapy also stimulates endorphins it can act as a natural pain reliever too.
  • Stress management. Hydrotherapy can help to bring blood pressure down, reduce anxiety and release endorphins to help combat stressed feelings.

A hot tub on its own offers a wide range of benefits, from helping to flush toxins from the system to releasing tense muscles. When positioned outside in nature you’ll also be able to enjoy the calming effect that the natural world has been proven time and again to have on the human body and mind.

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