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Considerations for choosing an enclosure to compliment your swim spa

You’ve made the decision to have a swim spa at home – it’s exciting and you’re looking forward to all the benefits that it will bring. But that’s not necessarily where the decision making process ends. Even if you already know exactly where to place the swim spa, what about the surroundings? There are many reasons why an enclosure could be a good idea for your swim spa, as well as considerations to bear in mind when you’re choosing the right one.

Why have an enclosure for your swim spa?

Looking forward to installing your swim spa in its new home? These are a few reasons why you might want to consider an enclosure to compliment the swim spa:

The weather

Depending on where you are, the weather could have a big impact on how much you’re able to enjoy your swim spa. Cold wind and rain can be very off-putting if you’re trying to motivate yourself to get fit and it’s not that easy to get the most out of a swim spa if you live in a cold climate. An enclosure provides protection from the weather, no matter if it’s a hot sun or freezing winter rain.


You may have a perfect, secluded location for your swim spa or you might be feeling a little bit self conscious about how exposed you’re likely to be to prying eyes while in the water. Not all of us have the luxury of extensive grounds and high hedges so an enclosure for your swim spa can help to solve the problem of privacy and create a space in which you don’t feel like you’re being overlooked.


A swim spa is, in itself, a luxury. However, the addition of an enclosure to your swim spa can make it even more of a luxurious experience. Perhaps you design an enclosure with changing rooms or a built in sauna or steam room so that you can go straight from swimming to winding down. Or maybe the right enclosure for you has a sound system and a fridge for drinks. If you’re looking for a way to enhance the swim spa experience then an enclosure could be it.

Considerations for choosing an enclosure

  • The materials you use. It’s important to opt for materials that suit the space in which you’re going to place the swim spa – natural wood is often a good choice.
  • The size of the enclosure. Avoid a structure that completely dominates the space in which you’re placing the swim spa or you could end up finding it overbearing.
  • Light and openness. How much natural light do you want inside the enclosure and are you looking for open or closed sides to the enclosure?
  • Durability and maintenance. Ideally, the enclosure should last at least as long as the swim spa and require only minimal maintenance. The design and the materials that are used will have a lot of influence over how long the enclosure lasts and what you have to do to keep it in good condition.

For more information about the ideal enclosure for your swim spa, get in touch with a member of The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company team today.

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