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Considerations for choosing the right gazebo for your hot tub

You’ve made the decision to get a hot tub – perhaps you already have one at home – but how do you ensure you can use it whenever you want? The answer for many people is a gazebo. This elegant and practical addition to any outside space provides shade on hot sunny days and shelter from the elements in the winter months. Either way, you get much more from your hot tub when you have a gazebo too. So, how do you find the right one for you?

Choose your texture

Gazebos tend to come either in wood or vinyl. There are pros and cons to both and you may decide to make the decision on the basis of aesthetics. In general, many people prefer a wood gazebo for the natural look and finish but others choose a vinyl gazebo because it’s much easier to clean and maintain.

Pick your spot

If you already have a hot tub installed then you know where the gazebo is going to stand. If not, you need to consider where you want both to be. Either way, now is the time to look at how you’re going to install the gazebo for optimal use. It’s important to remember with a hot tub gazebo that you’ll still need to be able to get water lines to the hot tub and don’t forget to check that the dimensions work with the outside space. It’s a good idea to consult the professionals when it comes to gazebo surface installation – do you want to install decking for the gazebo or work with a concrete surface, for example?

Think about the design

Not all gazebos are made the same and you’ll have considerable choice for yours, even if it needs to fulfill the design brief of fitting around the hot tub. For example, will you want to have a gazebo that is square, octagonal, rectangular, dodecagon or oval in shape? And when it comes to the roof will you be looking for a standard roof or something more artistic, such as tiered roofing or a pagoda roof. Sides and railings, screens and doors, as well as the material that you want to use for the decking are all decisions that also need to be made.

Look into the size and dimensions

It really is worth thinking carefully about the size of the gazebo you’re considering. If you’re looking for something large bear in mind that it could overshadow the entire outside space if you choose a design that is too big. If your gazebo is specifically for your hot tub then make sure it is wide enough to cover the tub you have installed (or are planning to install).

Who will build it?

The final consideration is whether you build the gazebo yourself or ask the professionals to do it for you. A simple gazebo can be easy to assemble but if you’re looking for something more decorative it might be worth seeking professional help.

A gazebo and a hot tub is a great combination for any outside space. If you’d like more information on the right styles for you then contact a member of our team.

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