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Could sauna use benefit you even in hot summer weather?

We tend to associate saunas with cold climates and cooler seasons. However, while people in Scandinavian countries almost always have a sauna that they use when the temperatures drop, they will also have one at a summerhouse. So, the most sauna-loving nations in the world are using theirs all year round. Why? Because Scandinavians know that sauna use can be beneficial even in hot summer weather.

Helping your body to handle the heat

If you struggle in the summer heat then the idea of getting into a sauna might seem like madness. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that spending time in a sauna can actually help your body to acclimatize to the heat. In 2014, the Italian football team used exactly this tactic before heading to Brazil to play in The World Cup. So, if you’re looking for a way to help your body handle the higher temperatures during the summer, a sauna could be an essential tool.

Improving cardiovascular function

Whether you use your sauna in the winter or the summer months you can still enjoy the positive impact that it has on cardiovascular function. Studies have shown that time in a sauna can actually help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Heart function is improved, as the sauna raises your heart rate and boosts circulation so that more blood is being pumped around your body. Even during the hotter months of the year your heart can still benefit from sauna time.

Flushing out toxins

We sweat more during the summer months but never as much as when sitting in a sauna. Sweat is the body’s natural method of ridding itself of toxins, and sweating it out in a sauna can help detoxify your body and have a very positive impact on skin. This can be even more important in the summer when we might be drinking a bit more, eating foods such as ice cream more often or regularly covering skin in sunscreen.

Stress relief

Although sunshine is good for the human body, there are plenty of things about summer that can make it a stressful time. Holidays and garden parties, as well as having children at home all day, every day can send stress levels shooting up. Saunas are renowned for their stress relieving qualities, helping your body to be calm and your mind to quiet. If your sauna is a kid-free zone then it may also be a place for essential downtime during these busy months.

Soothing muscles

Summer is often the time that we undertake grueling exercise regimes to help prepare for an annual holiday or just to look better in shorts. Spending time in a sauna can help to relieve aching muscles and sooth joint pain from exercise so that you can wind down after a workout and be ready for the next one.

Come rain or shine, summer or winter, saunas are always useful – you can enjoy the benefits all year round. To find out more about how to find the perfect home sauna, get in touch today on 0208 300 4003 to speak to one of The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company’s experts.


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