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Could sauna use help you to stay positive during the winter months?

It is widely known that there are many medical benefits to regular sauna use, ranging from improved skin to greater fitness, aiding sleep and even reducing the risk of a heart attack, but something that is not as easily measurable is how saunas can have positive effects on the mind.

Saunas could help combat SAD

During the winter season, SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, affects around 1 in 15 people, making them feel anything from the “winter blues” through to full depression which can stop people being able to function normally. Saunas could be at least part of the answer to some SAD sufferers, with their mood-boosting effects, so if you suffer from seasonal effects on your mood and wellbeing, could sauna use help you to stay positive during the winter months?

Psychological effects of saunas

Saunas can have a psychological impact on regular users, and this can relieve symptoms of stress and SAD, for example aiding sleep at night, improved alertness and energy levels, reducing anxiety, and increased positivity and happiness. All of these things can be attributed to sauna use and explained scientifically.

The scientific basis for saunas boosting positivity

The effects that saunas have on mood and positivity are undeniable, but there is a scientific explanation behind these. One reason is that the high temperatures of a sauna trigger the dilation of blood vessels around the body, which help to increase overall circulation as well as heart rate. This in turn causes hormones called melatonin and serotonin to be released, and these hormones improve mood and general positivity. These hormones can be boosted even more by following sauna use with jumping in a cold pool or shower, which decreases the body’s temperature rapidly and triggers the release of these hormones even further.

Enhancing the benefits of sauna use

To enhance the benefits users get through sauna use, they can make sure that they use their home sauna regularly. This could be every day, or a few times per week, but regular use helps users to maintain the benefits of using their sauna as much as possible. It is much better to enjoy short sessions on a regular basis than it is to enjoy one long session per week – it is not only safer, but your body can relax each day, clear your skin and airways, and relieve stress – all of which can help you feel much better during the winter months.

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