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Could your hot tub help you to avoid a cold as winter sets in?

There’s no doubt that using a hot tub is a thoroughly pleasant and relaxing experience. However, could it do more than just make you feel good? Does the hot tub also help when it comes to winter colds and chills?

Benefit 1: Better sleep

If you’re coming down with a cold or the flu then what you need more than anything else is a good night’s sleep. Giving your body the time to rest, relax and fight off whatever it is that is affecting you will do you a lot of good. 20 – 30 minutes in the hot tub before you hit the hay is proven to help you relax and promote a better night’s sleep. With an uninterrupted night of high quality sleep you could reduce the impact of whatever it is you’re suffering from.

Benefit 2: Soothing aches and pains

Some symptoms of colds and flu are difficult to do anything about – such as the dreaded aches and pains. If your muscles are sore and you feel like you’ve been in a wrestling match because of your illness then some time in the hot tub could help you feel much better. The warmth of the water in the hot tub helps to boost blood circulation in the body, which can sooth muscles and help them to relax. The result for you is feeling generally better and much less achy.

Benefit 3: Reducing congestion

The congestion that comes with a bad cold is unpleasant. It can stop you sleeping, can affect the way you speak and eat, and generally makes normal, every day tasks seem far harder because your head feels like it’s bound up in cotton wool. The atmosphere of the hot tub can do a lot to help ease congested nasal passages and sinuses. The warm, steam filled air helps to reduce inflammation and congestion in the nasal passages so that it’s possible to breathe normally again.

Benefit 4: Heating your body up

When you use a hot tub it increases your body temperature. Some experts have suggested that this increase mildly mimics the course of a low grade fever. The impact this could have on a sick body – or one that is sickening – is to kick the immune system into action, which in turn means that you can start fighting off the cold or flu that’s attacking your system. So, a session in the hot tub when you start to feel unwell could help give the immune elements of your body the head start they need to start fighting back.

Although a hot tub can’t prevent you from getting a cold – there are few things on earth that can help you to do that – it could certainly help to reduce the severity of whatever is that is making you sick. And, at the very least, it will give you some relief from your symptoms and make you feel warm and much more relaxed.

If you’re ready to relax this winter and rejuvenate, get in touch with The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company today on 0208 300 4003.

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