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Different Types of Propulsion Systems for Swim Spas

Most consumers are aware by now of the difference between a swim spa (sometimes referred to as a lap pool) and a regular swimming pool. The main difference is that the swim spa houses a propulsion system in one end of the swim spa that generates current strong enough for a grown person to literally swim against. This resistance allows the swimmer to swim using whatever method they choose - breaststroke, butterfly, and front crawl.

There are many reason people choose a swim spa. First, the size of a swim spa is generally less than half that of a regular in-ground pool, which translates into savings of several thousands of dollars for installation, as well as considerable long-term savings on maintenance. In addition, because the swim spa is smaller in size, it heats up more quickly and is far easier to keep at a comfortable level during what would be considered non-pool weather for a full size swimming pool. This allows the user to get more "bang for the buck" as you can use the swim spa earlier in the season and keep it open much longer. You can also install a swim spa easily in a normal size basement to swim year round.

Another great advantage for the serious swimmer is the ability to swim without ever having to turn. This means a longer, uninterrupted swim.

There are primarily three different types of swim spa propulsion systems available for purchase. These are the jet propulsion system, the paddlewheel and the propeller system. The Jet is the most common and uses a motor to drive the current through a pressure system, which then can be directed into current streams allowing the swimmer to customize the current to suit their purposes. The paddlewheel and the propeller work in a similar way. The paddlewheel or propeller turn at high speeds, which creates the current.

Both of these systems create a current that can be adjusted for speed like the jet system. However, the paddlewheel system creates current across the width of the spa and cannot be directed like the propeller and jet systems can. Do your homework and find the swim spa that works best for the purposes of yourself and your family and you will not be disappointed. The future is here and swim spas are the future of swimming.

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