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Easy Swim Spa Exercises for the Beginner

Your swim spa is going to bring you many benefits and a great deal of entertainment. Most likely you have already experienced much of this if your swim spa is up and running. One of the main purposes that many people purchase a swim spa for is for exercise.

If you are an athlete or are into fitness, you will have no problems designing a swim spa exercise program. If you are not a person that has been involved in fitness through exercise, these few starter exercises will get you going.

You are probably really full of enthusiasm to start exercising, but the first thing you want to do is allow your body to adjust to the water. Once you have entered the swim spa, just sit and relax for a few moments, so your muscles and joints can adapt to the soothing warmth and circulation of the water.

Since this may be your first real introduction to water exercise, you are going to be putting your body through motions that it may not be used to. The jets and currents are going to give you some real support. Depending on the make and model of your swim spa, you can adjust the speed and direction of the jets, which control the water currents. You want to start off slow. You can do this with some free hand swimming. This gets your muscles working throughout your entire body.

To really get you into the groove of water exercising, start with some walking and running exercises. Doing these against the current of the water will really start to get your blood circulating. You can also use buoyancy belts to enhance this part of your exercise regime.

You can then move onto stretching exercises. This is not much different to the stretching that you do when you first get out of bed in the morning, except you are now doing it in water, which allows you to extend yourself more comfortably.

Once your muscles are limber, you may want to focus on some strength exercises. To really help with this, you may want to utilize some of the swim spa accessories that are made for this purpose. These are rowing oars and resistance bands. You should be able to purchase these from your spa retailer. You simply attach the resistance bands to the swim spa and you are ready to go, which will strengthen your arms and legs.

To focus on specific areas of your legs, such as your thighs and calves, you can add weights to the resistance bands which will make you work a little harder.

These are just a few starter tips to get you going in your swim spa. As you become used to these, you can add more difficult exercises to your regime and extend the length of time you are performing them.

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