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Easy to Avoid Hot Tub Water Problems

In the past, one of the main things that prevented people from buying a hot tub was the problem of maintaining it. When they first came on the market, it is true that there were a fair amount of maintenance and servicing requirements and problems to be dealt with. However, with advancements in modern technology, many of these requirements and problems have been eliminated. Most problems that surface these days can be easily avoided.

Water Issues

Cloudy water or algae formation:

One of the common problems that may arise is issues with the water. Some complain that the water is cloudy, or they have to deal with algae. These are easily prevented and corrected with a little bit of maintenance and using the proper treatment chemicals.

If lack of chemical additions and water balancing doesn't solve the problem, another area to focus on is the filter itself. Many people fail to realise that the filter itself needs regular cleaning, and comes with instructions for the specific model of hot tub.


Some people are surprised to see foaming in the hot tub. Some may think it was caused by their chemicals or cleaning agents, yet that may not be the case at all--especially if you have used the proper products as recommended. Foaming can be a result of the residue that comes off the skin of the users, such as body lotion. To help reduce this, have users take a quick shower first before using the hot tub. Otherwise, it could be a soft water issue for which there are anti-foam products. If you do decide to use an anti-foam agent, make sure you follow the directions, because adding too much can create the previous problem we talked about concerning cloudy water.

Slime and odor:

Nobody likes to get into a hot tub where the sides and bottom feel slimy or the water has an odor to it. Aside from not keeping up with the maintenance regime to keep the water balanced and clean, it could be the result of a water circulation problem. You want to make sure that the hot tub system is in good working order, so you may consider servicing to make sure.

The water in your hot tub is the main feature, and to continue enjoying your hot tub, it is important to prevent and correct any water problems you notice as soon as possible. Keeping up with your maintenance and having the proper chemicals on hand will allow you to address any water problems quickly and effectively.

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