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Great Exercises for the Hot Tub!

From increased circulation and the benefits to your overall heart health to soothing sore muscles, hot tubs simply provide a great solution to alleviate pain, while providing a lot of fun. What many people don’t realize is that you can also get a really good workout in a hot tub despite the space restrictions.

Because the water in a hot tub offers the exact same amount of resistance that a traditional pool or swim spa offers, you can really work those muscles and get a healthy resistance based workout with just a few simple alterations to the way you would work out in a pool.

One great and easy exercise is the shoulder roll. Simply sit in the hot tub and start to rotate your shoulders first to the front and then to the back. Do this a few times to get loosened up before starting on the other exercises.

The next is torso rotations. Simply kneel on the floor of your hot tub and put your hands on your sides. Then, start to rotate your torso from side to side. Side leg extensions are another great exercise for the hot tub. Sit in one corner holding the edges to support yourself and begin to stretch out both legs, so they are floating in the water. Then, spread your legs apart slowly followed by retracting them to the original position. The resistance from the water will make it seem like you are pushing weights without the high impact.

You can also do the same with your arms. Simply kneel again on the hot tub floor and put your arms together in front. Then, extend your arms outward like you are swimming doing the breast stroke. Then, pull them back in and repeat the movement until you have had enough for the day.

The only limit to the exercises you can do in the hot tub is your imagination. The resistance from the water will make them seem as though you are doing a much heavier work out and you will simply feel great!

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