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Health Benefits of Saunas

Saunas are widely known for their incredible ability to aid relaxation and boost the health of the user, however there are also a range of benefits which the average user might not be aware of. Join us as we explore some of the amazing benefits of sauna use!

1. Relieves Stress

Medical studies clearly show stress in our daily lives affects our health. In fact, the vast majority of disease is stress related. The sauna provides stress relief in a number of ways: It's a warm, quiet space without any distractions. As we say, "Step into a sauna, and close the door on the rest of the world." The heat of the sauna relaxes the body, improves circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins ”the body's natural feel good chemical” providing a wonderful after sauna glow.

2. Relaxes Muscles and Soothes Aches and Pains in Muscles and Joints

Under high heat, the body releases endorphins - the body's naturally produced pain relieving chemical. Endorphins can have a mild and enjoyable tranquilizing effect and the ability to quell the pain of arthritis (and muscle soreness from an intense physical workout).

Body temperature rises from the heat of the sauna, causing blood vessels to dilate and circulation to increase. The increased blood flow accelerates the body's natural healing proces, soothing aches and pains and speeding up of the healing of cuts and bruises. Following sporting activity, use the heat and steam of a sauna for muscle relaxation by helping to reduce muscle tension and eliminate lactic acid and other toxins.

3. Flushes Toxins

In today's lifestyles, many of us don't actively sweat on a daily basis. Deep sweating has multiple health benefits. Regular sauna bathing provides the benefits derived from a deep sweat: In the heat of a sauna, the core body temperature begins to rise and it produces sweat, in order to cool the body. In a sauna, deep sweating can help reduce levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and chemicals - all toxins commonly picked up from our environment.

4. Recreational and Social Benefits

While the social benefit is rarely touted, it should not be trivialized. The sauna can be a private personal retreat or a relaxing environment for socializing with family and friends. The sauna environment is ideal for openness, quiet conversation and intimacy.

5. Improves Cardiovascular Performances

In the heat of a sauna, skin heats up and core body temperature rises. In response to the heat, the blood vessels near the skin dilate and cardiac output increases. Medical research shows the heart rate can rise from 60-70/min. to 110-120/min. in the sauna (140-150 with more intensive bathing), and can often sink to below normal after the cooling off stage. With regular sauna use, we not only train our heart muscles and improve the heart rate/cardiac output, but we also positively influence the regulatory system.

Further cardiovascular conditioning occurs when the sauna is taken in multiple innings, with sessions in the sauna separated by a cool shower or a dip into a cool pool or lake. Every time you rapidly change temperature (from hot to cool or vice versa), your heart rate increases by as much as 60%--comparable to moderate exercise.

6. Feels Good

A sauna not only feels good, it's good for you. Whether it's the physiological changes that occur in the warmth of a sauna, or if it's simply the time spent in the calm, still retreat of the sauna, all who sauna agree - it feels wonderful! As we go through our daily stressful lives, the sauna provides a pampering retreat where we can relax and restore body and soul. A sauna truly makes you feel better, look better and sleep better.

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