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Healthy Exercise Tips for Your Swim Spa

One of the greatest benefits of the swim spa is its ability to allow you to complete many different levels of exercise depending on your ability. For young athletes who want to keep in shape it is an ideal venue for water workouts. For those who suffer with ailments and want to start a rehabilitative regime, the swim spa is perfect. For seniors and those who are out of shape and want to strengthen their cardio system, swim spas are also an excellent resource.

Like any exercise equipment, there are right and wrong ways to use it. Getting exercise with the swim spa is super easy because of all the options available. Even just sinking into the water encourages one to gently move about and stretch their limbs, which is beneficial in itself.

For an exercise regime based on meeting a specific goal or need, some planning never hurts to help keep you on track!

Many of the exercises that you would do on land can be modified for the swim spa. Here are a few ideas to keep your workouts interesting!

Lap Swimming

Using your swim spa for lap swimming not only brings you all of the regular benefits that a traditional swim does, it allows you to take it one step further. Not only can you increase the number of laps you are completing each day, you can increase the resistance of the water that you are swimming against.

Aqua Jogging

There are many different running exercises that you can consider for your swim spa regime, but most of them probably don't offer the same comfort that the swim spa does with all of the same benefits! Jogging in water is low-impact, which means less wear and tear on your joints and muscles.


Being able to complete some rowing exercises in a top-quality swim spa like the AquaTrainer iX by Hydropool is something that will scale up your exercise efforts. This form of exercise really allows you to give yourself a good workout. Again, the water will help you to avoid straining your muscles.

Treading or Wading

You may think that remaining stationary in the water is not going to do much as a workout, but being consistent with this exercise comes with many benefits. You may want to use a floatation device and work against it to increase the intensity of your workout. It is a great form of cardio as well.

Buoyancy and Resistance

You can plan to include this in your exercise regime according to what muscles you want to work on. For example, doing squats in the water is quite a bit different than doing it on land. Alternatively, jumping in the water can be great for your legs, and not to mention fun!

While you will find that planning and following through with a swim spa exercise regime to be fun and rewarding, like any form of exercise you need to include a warm up and cool down segment. You also need to build your endurance so don't overdo it as you progress through your different levels of work outs. Get creative and try some of your own exercises in the water - you may enjoy it so much that you'll want every workout to be in the swim spa!

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