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How Hot Tubs Help with Diabetes

Anyone who has used a hot tub knows there is nothing as relaxing as the feel of the warm water and jets soothing your sore muscles and joints. The jets apply the right amount of pressure to make the whole body feel relaxed and stress free. What some do not realize or are unaware of is that those suffering from common aliments can significantly benefit by using a hot tub.

One of the most common aliments in our society today is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes or adult onset diabetes is a rapidly growing and strikes all too many individuals in North America. The regimen of care necessary to treat diabetes stresses that circulation is of primary importance and many diabetes patients sufferer from a lack of circulation in the lower extremities.

While the joyful experience of soaking in a hot tub can and does help with circulation, the diabetes sufferer also has to be aware of how long they spend in the water, as well as the temperature that they are setting the hot tub to as well. If these simple cautions are adhered to, the diabetes sufferer can benefit greatly from the hot tub and a regular regimen that includes time spent in one.

A recent study has shown that diabetes sufferers between the ages of 43-68 years who spent 30 minutes per day, six days a week for a period of six weeks actually lost weight and dramatically reduced their insulin intake, while experiencing better sleep.

The soothing waters of a hot tub are a great way to improve overall health quality, not just for sufferers of diabetes or other ailments. Statistics show that improved blood and cardiovascular circulation are a primary driver in overall good health, especially for heart health.

While the relaxation factor is the driving force behind the purchase of most hot tubs, the added value that one gets from the many health benefits make the decision to install a hot tub in your home seem even smarter and more forward thinking from a health perspective.

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