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How Swim Spas Help People with Dementia

As time goes on many more benefits of the swim spa seem to be surfacing. Swim spas are becoming well known for its ability to help to reduce general aches and pains, while offering a great form of exercise. One of the more recent discoveries is that water therapy is becoming instrumental in helping those with dementia.

Dementia is a widespread problem and the number of those suffering with it is continuing to grow. It is a debilitating illness that takes the joy out of the senior years. There are now some indications that exercise may be able to slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s, which is one of the many forms of dementia. What is even more important is that research is showing that if exercise is carried out through swimming and aerobics, it brings the greatest benefits.

There are continuous studies taking place regarding Alzheimer’s. One of the latest discoveries is that if high levels of a gene called BDNF can be found in the brain, exercise may help to slow down the progression of this disease. The outcome of some of the studies showed that participants in the study who had the highest BDNF levels were showing a 50% slower reduction of cognitive functions.

One of the factors that make this exciting news is that it comes without huge costs. All too often discoveries are made to help enhance one’s health or slow down the progression of a disease that ends up being very costly.

With exercise being a positive approach, especially in water, then the reasonable investment into a swim spa is well worth it. Another great advantage is that the swim spa doesn’t require a large amount of space for its installation. This means even those who have a small outdoor space can take advantage of it.

Perhaps, an additional benefit that hasn’t really been thought of is that using a swim spa to help those with dementia also helps to put them into a safe social setting. The swim spa is something the entire family can use, while spending some wonderful time with the senior who is struggling with this illness. It truly is a wonderful and positive approach to dealing with this ailment.

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