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How a Swim Spa Can Help The Disabled

Most people are of the great benefits that can be realized from swimming on a regular basis as part of their exercise regimen. Swimming is considered to be one of the top five physical fitness activities in and is universally recognized as an excellent way to get a fantastic aerobic workout.

Swim spas are a great way to get a full swim workout in a smaller package. Swim spas use a propulsion system to create current that the individual swims against rather than swimming lengths of a pool. This allows one to get the same exercise and health benefits from a swim spa that you would get in a full size pool with a substantially reduced cost and a much smaller footprint.

The benefits that swimming offers people with disabilities are widely known and disseminated. Due to the physical limitations that are imposed on people with disabilities, they are unable in most circumstances to participate in physical fitness activities to a great degree and are excluded from most sports.

Fortunately, there are a variety of para-sports that many can and do take advantage of. But, even these offer a limited range of benefits other than the particular skills that are utilized when performing that particular sport. Sledge hockey is a fantastic example of a great upper body workout for a disabled person combined with a fun sport. While these sports are amazing, they are not always available activities on a daily basis for disabled person to stay active.

The importance of physical activity for all persons, including the disabled, cannot be overstated. A swim spa offers the disabled person the opportunity to stay as active as able bodied persons by breaking down the barriers to physical fitness. By using the swim spa to facilitate physical fitness, you help to eliminate many secondary illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle imposed by a physical limitation. Studies have shown that swimmers who have limited mobility have the opportunity to exercise longer without putting additional strain on joints and muscles. This results in getting a better workout without causing further harm and dramatically improving physical health outcomes.

The positive aspects from a mental health standpoint cannot be overstated. The ability of the disabled to move more feely while in the pool or swim spa can be a liberating and freeing feeling that can have incredible effects on the mindset of both the able bodied person, as well as the physically limited individual. A swim spa is a great way of feeling good in mind, body and spirit.

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