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How could an outdoor TV transform your outdoor hot tub experience?

When the weather is warm, the temptation is to spend as much time as possible outside. However, bringing the inside of your home outside is not always that easy, especially when it comes to electronics. Today, technology innovation has solved that particular problem with an outdoor TV that you can watch from the comfort of your hot tub. An outdoor TV could be what you need to completely transform your outdoor hot tub experience.

How does it work?

Outdoor TVs are designed to function without the protection of four walls so you won’t have to worry about damage or poor performance as a result of the weather. These flat panel TVs have been specifically designed to cope with all the potential obstacles of being outside, from humidity and fluctuating temperatures, through to the issues that insects and animals can present. An outdoor TV can even withstand extreme heat, as well as snow and ice, so you can use it all year round.

The features of a purpose built outdoor TV

  • Resistance to heat and cold. A purpose built outdoor TV could withstand temperatures as cold as -30° F and as high as 140° F.
  • Essential weatherproofing. For example, an outdoor TV will be designed so that the control buttons are weatherproof and won’t be affected by rain. Most outdoor TVs will also come with a remote control that has similar weatherproofing protection.
  • An in-built cooling system. Given that the purpose of the TV is to function even when the mercury rises, an outdoor TV will have a multi-fan airflow system to ensure that it stays cool no matter how fierce the sun.
  • An anti-reflective screen. This enables uninterrupted watching of the TV even in bright sunlight. You can also find models with an in-built ambient light sensor so that screen brightness is automatically adjusted depending on the light around the TV.
  • Durability and resistance. Most outdoor TVs will have a tempered-glass screen/cover to ensure that the model is hardier and able to resist the outdoor elements without damage.

Why an outdoor TV could transform your hot tub experience

  • It’s super social. If you love to use your hot tub socially then having an outdoor TV means you can invite people over for hot tub cinema, watching sports matches or catching up on shared favourite TV shows, such as Love Island.
  • You can make the most of your hot tub. With an outdoor TV you don’t have to leave the hot tub to watch your favourite show, catch up with the news or listen to music.
  • Your tech is likely to experience less damage. An outdoor TV is a far safer alternative than trying to watch on your phone, for example, which could easily slip into the water.
  • Your hot tub is elevated to a whole new level. From more satisfying alone time to epic parties, the addition of an outdoor TV will give your hot tub a new lease of life.

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