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How to hot tubs encourage romance and relaxation?

It’s not easy to be part of a couple today. Whether you’re stressed out with a hectic work life, trying to balance the demands of family – or both – making time for each other is hard. Romance and relaxation can feel like completely foreign concepts if your time is not your own and you’re just never really able to switch off. The good news is that a hot tub might be able to help with this – having a hot tub at home is not just a lifestyle luxury but can also help you to make some positive relationship changes too.

A phone free zone

You can, of course, take a smart phone into a hot tub but the conditions aren’t exactly ideal. There’s the risk of dropping the phone and the steam of the hot tub could affect the way the phone works. So, most people don’t tend to take their phones into the hot tub, which makes it the ultimate phone free zone. And what happens when you don’t have a phone in your hand? You look at the person opposite or next to you, listen to what they’re saying and you get the chance to connect without distractions.

A place to truly relax

The benefits of hydrotherapy on the human system are well known – warm water, in particular, helps to soothe aching muscles and reduce stress. When you add the comfort of massage jets to that then you have a truly relaxing experience and somewhere that you can forget about the problems and pressures of life outside the tub. Such a relaxed space creates the perfect environment for couples looking to spend quality time together. When you’re relaxed, interactions with your other half tend to be more positive and intimate and arguments far less likely to arise.


If you have a family then you probably feel like the entire house is theirs, from the toys that cover the lounge floor to the TV shows that are never your choice. With a hot tub you can create a space that’s only for the adults in the house. Perhaps the kids get to have fun in the hot tub at the weekends but during the week it’s an adult-only zone that you can retreat to for a break from family life. Add some candles and some soft music and you’ve got the perfect kid-free setting for some much-needed romance.

A versatile relaxation option

Sometimes, what makes a relationship better is space and giving one person who is having a tough time somewhere that they can rest and recharge alone. As much fun as a hot tub is together it also provides a great spot for alone time. Every relationship benefits when both partners get enough alone time and having a hot tub at home can encourage that.

Home hot tubs can provide a much-needed injection of romance and relaxation – contact us to discuss which model might be right for you and your partner.

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