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Is it Time to Buy a Swim Spa for my Home?

Swim spas are big investments, but they also reap huge rewards. From fitness to fun and relaxation, a swim spa can truly enhance your life. If you're considering buying a swim spa, keep reading to find out what you should consider when choosing the perfect swim spa for your needs.

Water Circulation Rate

The first thing to look for in a swim spa is a high water circulation rate and even water distribution. The best swim spas also feature an adjustable flow and current.

Current speeds can vary across different swim spas and models from 2.5 to 8 mph. When you want a swim spa that will truly challenge you, select one with a faster current. This way, as you improve, you can increase the current to push yourself harder.

The swim spa's circulation system is also important. One kind of system is the paddlewheel system that creates a deep and wide current via a wheel at the back of the unit that draws water toward it. Paddlewheel systems will circulate around 80% of the water in your swim spa.

If you have a swimming partner and want to have the ability to work out simultaneously but at different speeds, a propeller-powered swim spa with two propellers is the system for you. A propeller situated at the front of the swim spa pushes the current toward the back. With this system, the water at the edges stays calm.

Propulsion swim pump system are the least capable when it comes to wide, even water distribution. The best plan when choosing any swim spa is to try it out. Just ask the dealer and they will allow you to test it so you can select the perfect swim for you.

A Variety of Activities

Although many people imagine only swimming laps in a swim spa, the reality is that they provide a versatile array of activities including exercise, relaxation, and rehabilitation.

In terms of health and fitness, a swim spa gives you many options for cardiovascular workouts as well as strength building. Swim spas are ideal for arthritis sufferers who want to exercise without pain. Because using a swim spa can burn 400 to 500 calories per hour, swimming is also great for weight loss. In addition, you can add accessories like treadmills for water running, rowing options, water weights, and more.

Socialization and relaxation make swim spas extremely popular. If you want users to be able to perform a variety of activities at once, such as relaxing in the hot tub area while a guest swims, choosing a model that has separate areas for different activities. There are several models with temperature controls so you can keep the hot tub area hot and the exercise area cool. If you want to be able to relax or relieve muscle pain at any time, selecting a swim spa with a specific hot tub area is essential.

Installation Decisions

There are many installation options for your swim spa, including inground, partially inground, or above ground. As long as you have enough room in a specific location, a swim spa can be installed there. From playing outside in the waves to adding a swim spa to your indoor fitness area, the sky's the limit.

If you think you might move in the future and would like to take your swim spa along, you should choose an above ground installation. If increasing the value of your home is a priority, an inground installation is a good idea.

No matter where you decide to install, choose a location that is sturdy enough to support a weight of 200 pounds per square foot.

Easy Maintenance

It's likely that you'll invest in a swim spa because you want more relaxation time, not less. When you want to simplify your maintenance schedule so you have more time to enjoy your swim spa, choose a self-cleaning option. You will simply add the chemicals while your swim spa vacuums, skims, and filters the water for you.

Costs of Added Features

Swim spas come in a range of prices, usually from $10,000 to $35,000. Size, features, and quality of the swim spa can all affect its price so it's important to prioritize your needs to stay within your budget.

There are many features available that can enhance your swim spa experience. These include stereos, automatic controls, hydrotherapy jets, contoured seats, and fiber-optic lighting. Swim spas with dual heaters that allow different water temperatures in different locations are also available. While all of these features will create a better swim spa experience, make sure you are aware of how much they will add to the price.

If you're an avid exerciser, you may want to invest in accessories that will allow you to cross-train. Rowing machines, aqua bikes, treadmills, and weight training and resistance features can all make your workout more versatile. If monitoring your progress is important, choose a model with a heart monitor or underwater cameras that can help you improve your stroke.

As you discuss additional features, make sure you clearly communicate with your dealer about your budget.

Now that you've learned about what you need to think about before purchasing a swim spa, download our free swim spa buyer's guide to find the right one for you.

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