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Physical And Psychological Benefits Of A Swim Spa

The benefits of a swim spa or swimming pool are so vast that swimming laps is merely one of the ways to realize the benefits of water as an exercise tool. The buoyancy offered by water allows people of all shapes and sizes, including those who have physical disabilities, to perform exercises that they would be unable to perform without water. This buoyancy coupled with the resistance that the water offers is considered one of the absolute best ways for seniors and the disabled to exercise.

The continual resistance offered by the water is approximately 12-14%, so when you perform aerobic exercises when submerged in the water it is similar to lifting a small amount of weight, while you perform those aerobic movements. The added bonus of the cooling effect of the water allows one to exercise longer and with more vigor than you would be able to on land under the same conditions.

The fact that many physical therapists choose to bring their clients into the water is great evidence that the benefits offered are universally accepted and that the benefits realized are evidence based. The added benefits are the social component that is realized by the ability of the exerciser to talk to the other swimmers while they work out. The release of stress that is found by the water workout is another great benefit of using a swimming pool or swim spa to get fit.

The vast majority of people who do not use a pool to get a work out typically cite the main reasons as proximity to a good public pool or the cost of putting a pool into the backyard. This can be effectively reduced by installing a swim spa. A swim spa is a pool that relies on a propulsion system to create a current that the swimmer then swims against in order to get the laps in rather than having to swim the full length of a spool.

The smaller size of the swim spa makes it much less dependent on a large yard and is much more cost effective when compared to a full sized pool to both have constructed and for maintaining. Do your homework and get the information you need to make a decision and you will see the benefits of owning a swim spa of your own.

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