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Preparing for your Swim Spa Installation

Once you have purchased your swim spa, it's time to prepare for the installation. This too is an exciting event because you and the family are full of anticipation as to when you will get to actually experience all that your new swim spa has to offer.

Prior to buying the spa you may have made the decision as to where it is going to be installed. This would include providing the dimensions of the area it will be installed in prior to purchasing your spa.

You are going to find that you have some great options for installing it, like whether it will be above ground, in ground or partially in and above ground. This will also determine what preparations you have to make.

You will also have to decide whether you are going to do the installation yourself or have your swim spa provider do the installation for you. Most likely, you will find it far more convenient to have these professionals do the installation for you.

Your swim spa manual should outline the full installation instructions, which will include what you have to do to prepare for this great event.

If you have opted to have the swim spa installed indoors, you may want to have a glass solarium or a four season room designated for the swim spa. If indoors is your choice, you may want the swim spa area to have easy access to the washroom and shower. There has to be a floor drain to get rid of the splash water. You also need to have proper ventilation for both the humidity and the support equipment that the swim spa uses. Pay attention to the access to the plumbing as you will need this resource to fill and top up the swim spa.

For an outdoor installation, you need to check to see if you need a building permit or what other regulations are in place regarding the installation of a swim spa. If you need to do some excavation for the installation, check with the gas, electric, and cable company to make sure there are no underground cables in the area where you are going to be digging. You also need to know that the area you have chosen is going to be convenient to access from the house. Plus, you want to know that all the support equipment for the swim spa can be protected from the elements. This is something you need to talk to your swim spa supplier about as this will be based on the make and model of swim spa that you have chosen.

There are general installation requirements that will have to be met as well. This will be for the preparation of the area where the swim spa is going to be installed. You can follow the directions of your swim spa supplier, as well as your instruction manual.

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