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Setting the Right Rules for Your Swim Spa

No matter what type of swim spa or pool you have at your home, it’ important to put some rules in place for the safety of everyone. Although swim spas are small and compact, they still have to be treated with respect in regards to safety.

The first thing you need to determine before you have your swim spa installed is whether there are any rules and regulations regarding these spas in your area. Make sure that you have your swim spa installed by reputable installers. This is not a do it yourself project.

Once your swim spa has been installed, you want to ensure that it is protected with some type of fencing. It is no different than what you would do for a regular swimming pool. What you may want to do is have a self closing gate installed. You also want to have the lock high enough so that little toddlers cannot reach them.

The entire family needs to know what the swim spa rules are and take their fair share of responsibility.

There are going to be various chemicals that you will need to use to keep your swim spa in pristine condition. Make sure you have designated a safe storage space for these preferably in a cabinet that can be locked. Always be sure to read the labels of your spa chemicals carefully.

When you have added chemicals to the water, do not let anyone use the spa until you have tested the water to make sure it is properly balanced. Always wash your hands after handling the chemicals and do a visual inspection of the water prior to use. That way if you see anything wrong, you can tend to it immediately before use.

The swim spa comes with many benefits that each family member will enjoy. Some will focus on its relaxing capabilities while others will enjoy it more as an exercise venue. The smaller kids will love the water play that can take place within. Just as you would set rules for a regular pool, such as no running around it or jumping in, you want to set the same rules for your swim spa.

If the kids are bringing guests over to use the spa, your kids should make sure that their guests are made aware of the rules and that they follow them.

Many of the rules that are put in place for the swim spa is for personal safety reasons. Other rules are made in order to keep your swim spa in good condition, so it will last you for many years to come.

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