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Swim Spa in Snow

Swim spa benefits through all seasons

The swim spa is the perfect piece of at-home luxury for any household, whether you’re looking for fitness, relaxation or just somewhere to have family fun. And swim spas are not just for summer either – they have benefits for the entire household all year round. Here are some of the greatest benefits that your own swim spa could offer.

The opportunity to exercise at home

If swimming is what you love to do – or you’re looking for a new way to work out and keep mentally and physically fit – the swim spa at home is the ideal choice, all year round. Swimming is fantastic exercise and can help to improve fitness, to strengthen muscles and to enable you to develop stamina. Your body is approximately 90% supported by the buoyancy of the water so it isn’t subjected to the same pressure as with other higher impact sports.

A better fit for smaller spaces

Did you know that it’s more cost effective and more space efficient to install a swim spa than to opt for a larger pool? You can swim laps in a swim spa in a compact area without the need to make turns, and at the same time, you don’t need a huge space to fit a pool. Simply set the resistance to the pace at which you want to swim and you’ll be able to exercise against the water jets in the swim spa to the speed and resistance that work for you. Sizes start from just twelve feet long!

Overcoming motivation issues

Particularly during the winter months, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to stay active. Getting motivated to get up and out of the house to a public swimming pool isn’t easy when it’s cold and dark. With a swim spa at home you don’t face any of these problems. Simply get up, get in to the pool and you’re good to go. You can save time and do better with your fitness goals when you have a swim spa at home, at your complete convenience as the self-cleaning technology means that the heated swim spa is ready to use straight away at any time.

Simplicity of installation

One of the biggest benefits of installing a swim spa is that it doesn’t require major works and you can choose from either above ground or in-ground options. A good quality swim spa is usually made of fiberglass, layers of insulation and acrylic, which makes it long-lasting and hard wearing as well as a very easy option for a home pool that will be ready to use in no time at all. Delivery and installation often only takes two days.

Your own home spa

Whether it’s during the heat of the summer or the cooler winter months there are many benefits to having a swim spa at home. The hot water jets are ideal for massaging the stress out of aching muscles and the warmth of the water is perfect for leaving behind winter chills and keeping cozy on darker days. Remember you can increase the temperature to suit all climates; even up to hot tub temperature for Christmas!

Somewhere to relax and unwind – all year round

If you have an outdoor pool or hot tub then during the winter months all you can do is cover it and hope for the best. With a swim spa that’s not the case, as you can position it where it can be used all year round. So, whether you’re looking for a way to wind down after the madness of Christmas or cool off after a hot summer day, the home swim spa is the perfect place in which to do it, whatever the weather.

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