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The Four Categories of Swim Spas

Not all swim spas should be considered as being the same. There are several different manufacturers and they each offer this type of spa with its own features. Many of the benefits and features are similar, however you strongly want to consider quality and the components that the swim spa is composed of. When it comes to use of the swim spa, you can consider the four basic categories.

Small swim spas:

These average in size about 10 to 11 feet. This is the most common, smallest version. This unit is usually purchased by those who are most interested in aqua therapy. This model is great for soaking in to limber up the muscles, and for doing some resistance type exercises against the water. For those that want to focus on low impact movement, this size swim spa will meet your needs.

Medium sized swim spas:

In this size range, you are looking at swim spas that ranges in size from 12 to 16 feet. These are sometimes called fitness models. They are ideal for continuous swimming. For the exercise enthusiasts, this is a good size. Often they are equipped with hydrotherapy jets, which give the two in one enjoyment of having a swim spa and a hot tub all in one. It is also a great size to have if you like to socialize in your spa. Having the opportunity to exercise then just sit back and enjoy the swim spa benefits is what you can expect if you purchase a swim spa within this size range.


If you want to step up in size, go to the 17 to 18 feet long swim spa. You are going to get all of the benefits and features that the medium sized unit has to offer except you are getting a few extra feet of swim space. Some feel that with this sized unit they get a nicer flow to the water because of the extra footage.

Extra large:

Here you are looking at swim spas that fall into the size range of 19 to 21 feet. These units allow enough space for the swim area and the hydrotherapy section with more separation. If you have a large family or want to entertain more guests at one time, you will probably want this larger sized swim spa.

While these are the common sized swim spas, you can also have them customized to meet any specific needs that you require.

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