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Things to Avoid When Using Your Swim Spa

At one time, owning any type of water unit meant that there was a lot of extra work to keep it in prime condition. This has all changed over the years, and water venues like the swim spa only require a few steps to maintain. However, there are a few mistakes to avoid to ensure that you are not creating more work for yourself when it comes to swim spa maintenance.

Not Keeping It Covered

If your swim spa it didn‘t come with a cover, or you didn‘t feel it was necessary to purchase one at the time, you may want to reverse this decision and buy one now. No matter how clear the surrounding area, the wind can still carry dirt and debris into the water. This means you are going to have to skim the water with your net each and every time you use it. It can also set the scene for potential problems, such as debris in the water, that make the filters work harder. The simple solution is a cover that is easy to put on and take off. This will also help to control the temperature of the water.

Not Wearing Bathing Caps

People with short hair don‘t have to be as concerned about this, but for long-haired individuals it is a good choice to wear a swim cap. Over time the long hair starts to clog up the inlet filters, much the same as what happens with your bath tub when hair accumulates in the drain. This doesn‘t have to be a hard and fast rule, as on occasion not wearing the cap is not going to cause that much of an issue. If the spa is used on a regular basis by individuals with long hair, it helps to implement the bathing cap rule.

Not Using Proper Swim Spa Products

One mistake that really has to be avoided is using normal household products to clean and care for the swim spa. With the use of the internet, you may at some time come across information that says you can do this - but you must take into account that all information on the net is not always accurate, and your swim spa may be totally different than the one being discussed. It is much safer and cheaper in the long run to stay with the products that have been specifically designed and formulated for swim spas. Home products contain different chemicals that could damage the components of your swim spa. Plus, mixing household chemicals with proper swim spa products could cause dangerous chemical reactions.

Wrong Water Temperature

Find the right temperature balance for water in respect to the environment it is installed in. If the temperature drops below zero and you are keeping your water cold then it could freeze. On the other hand, keeping it too hot means you really have to be on top of preventing bacteria.

Not Showering

Your swim spa is not a bath tub, and you can keep the water and its components optimized much easier if you set the rule that all users must shower prior to using it. The natural skin oils, suntan oils, and body creams can cause damage to your swim spa. A quick shower eliminates this potential problem.

These are just a few simple things to avoid along with the suggestions for correcting them to help you make the most of a fully functional and optimized swim spa. Over time, you'll find that following these simple steps will make maintenance a breeze!

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