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Tips to Keep Your Swim Spa Clean

One of the great benefits of a swim spa is the fact that they require less maintenance than a traditional or full sized pool requires.

One of the obvious reasons for this is due to the fact that a swim spa contains much less water than a full sized pool does. While this is great, the fact remains that we still need to take the proper steps to keep our swim spas clean and free from harmful water born bacteria and other detrimental pollution.

Just like a regular sized pool, the swim spa owner should check their water chemistry at least once to twice a week to ensure that all the levels are within the correct parameters. If any of the numbers are off, you should add whatever chemicals you need to get the levels to the correct amount. This alone will go a long way in ensuring that your water is clean and safe.

Cleaning out your skimmer baskets regularly is another task that must be performed regularly to make sure that they do not become bulked up with leaves or other items that can find their way into the spa.

Cleaning the hair and lint pot in the pump is another necessary step that you should do on a regular basis to make sure that it can operate properly and is not jam packed with stuff, allowing it to operate freely and unimpaired.

In addition to ensuring that the water is properly maintained from a chemical perspective, you also want to ensure to keep the water level at the proper height so the skimmers are able to do their job.

Cleaning all of your filters at least once every few months is very important as well. If you have experienced a storm in your area recently, you might want to give them a quick cleaning after the storm passes.

You should also give the area around your swim spa the same loving care you give to your swim spa itself. If you have any splintered areas on the deck or grout problems on the surrounding tiles, have them repaired as quickly as possible to prevent any injuries and to minimize the chance of them growing into bigger problems down the road.

The benefits of a swim spa far outweigh any maintenance that has to be performed but to enjoy them fully, you must keep on top of the minor amount of maintenance required.

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