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Using Your Hot Tub For Exercise

Most people invest in a hot tub because of the therapeutic and relaxation benefits. They use it to reduce their stress and to relax at various times throughout the day. What many are discovering is that the hot tub is an excellent way to perform low impact exercises that are beneficial physically.

When first entering the hot tub, most people want to sit back, close their eyes and let the warm water sooth the body. Many are not aware that there are some great exercised you can perform in the hot tub.

Rolling the shoulders

As your stress begins to melt away and you relax, consider rolling your shoulders forward, then hold this position for about five seconds, then roll them backwards. Repeat this exercise five times.

Bicycle kicks

Sitting on the edge of the seat, while support your hands and arms on the top of the hot tub, lift your legs and pedal just like you would if you were riding a bicycle. Start slowly if you do not exercise regularly. Start by doing it for 30 seconds, then increase the amount of time with your ultimate goal being to work up to one minute.

Arm rotations

Immersing yourself back into the water of the hot tub, partially submerge your arms and roll them forward, then reverse the rotation, so you are rolling your arms backwards. Your ultimate goal is to build up to three sets.

Rotating your torso

This time you're going to kneel on the floor of the hot tub making sure that your back is straight. Put your hands on your hips and tighten your abdominal muscles. Then, rotate from the waist side to side. Do five of these and increase the number each time you use your hot tub.

Thigh presses

While sitting in the hot tub, put your knees together. Now, put your hands on the outer part of your knees and push your knees against your hands. You should be able to feel this in your inner and outer thigh muscles. Do this three times.

Once you have completed your exercises, you want to sit back and relax once again. Not only is the stress going to melt away a but you are going to feel revitalized.

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