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What do you need to know about preparing for your Hot Tub installation?

Preparing to take delivery of your hot tub is an exciting time. You’re about to have a home feature that will give you lots of options and considerably enhance day-to-day living. However, before the hot tub arrives there are a number of preparations that need to be made.

Where are you going to put the hot tub?

This is a key question and one that you may not fully have thought through when ordering the hot tub. You’ll need to ensure that wherever the tub sits you will have easy access to it and that’s it’s close to somewhere you can get changed. You might also want to think about factors such as the view and whether or not it’s overlooked by the neighbours. You’ll need to ensure that the spot you choose is flat, level and not on soft ground.

How will you get the hot tub into position?

Work out the route that the hot tub is going to take when it arrives for installation. You may need to measure openings and doorways to ensure that the hot tub base will fit through. Are there any obstacles, such as pipes, branches or a low roof that could obstruct the hot tub on its journey? It may be necessary to crane the hot tub into position, depending on your chosen location, and it’s important to work this out in advance of the day of hot tub installation.


What kind of considerations are there once the hot tub is in place?

The right base

You’ll need to ensure that you have a good, strong and solid base for the hot tub to sit on. Concrete is ideal and grass is not. You can use existing patio slabs and block paving, as long as they are level and stable. Ideally, the base will be around 10 – 15cm thick. It’s crucial that whatever you opt for as the base for the hot tub is able to support its weight when full of water.


The hot tub will require an electrical connection to work and there are some key features to this. For example, the cable will have to run beside the hot tub and not underneath it, and have at least a 4-metre tail from the edge of the hot tub. The hot tub will require that the hot tub will require a dedicated electrical supply and a waterproof isolator will be necessary.

Controls and access

Wherever you decide to position the hot tub it’s essential that the controls can still be accessed. It will also be important to ensure that servicing and maintenance can be carried out.

Water supply

Normally, filling a hot tub is done via a garden hose so it’s essential to have this in place so that you can get the water that you need into your hot tub.

These are the most basic considerations for anyone preparing for hot tub installation. Once these are in place then you are ready to receive that all-important delivery. Get in touch with The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company to place your hot tub order today.

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