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What is Infrared Sauna Therapy?

Sauna is a familiar word to many but what might be new is the term infrared sauna. There are a lot of people that get a great deal of enjoyment from using an infrared sauna and many swear by its ability to detoxify the body of a lot of impurities.

Infrared saunas come with all of the benefits that most any other sauna does. One of its best features is it ease of use of where it can be installed. It is operated from a 3 pin socket, so finding the right place to power it or having to have extra electrical installations done to accommodate it is not necessary.

One of the best models available for those looking for an Infrared sauna is the "Infratouch". While easy hook up is part of what it has to offer, those that own and use this unit love the fact they can get instant heat that can be varied by a digital control panel that operates each of the 5 heaters that the unit is comprised of.

When it comes to the therapeutic benefits that a sauna affords, the infrared sauna can offer it all. These benefits are not something that has just recently been discovered. The ability for saunas to be able to detoxify the body has been recognized for centuries. Many who promote the use of saunas for better health will state they are wonderful for helping to improve mental clarity and reduce pain.

There is a specific therapy that some advocates strongly believe in and this is called hyperthermic therapy, otherwise known as sweat therapy. This technological process removes the toxins from the body. These are toxins such as toxic metals, such a mercury. Then, there are organic toxins that are believed to accumulate in the body like PCB's and the residue from pesticides. Some health care experts believe that hyperthermic therapy is most beneficial because it means the liver and kidneys don't have to do the detoxification work because the sauna is doing it for them through the sweating process that is needed to release the toxins from the body.

While detoxification creates a big reason for promoting the use of a sauna, including the infrared sauna, there are other reasons for wanting to make use of this type of unit. It is a great place to just sit, relax and unwind in its warmth. For some, they love to spend time in the sauna with friends as it is a wonderful atmosphere to socialize in.

The infrared sauna makes it possible for almost anyone to have a sauna. There is no excuse of not having enough space, or the proper power hookup.

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