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What to look for when choosing a swim spa enclosure

Swim spas and hot tubs are great ways to bring both family and friends together, offering hours of fun including a place to relax. And with your swim spas, you may find it worth considering our range of enclosures that make your spa space more valuable.

Electronically controlled

One type of enclosure you’ll find is worth considering is one that is electronically controlled. These kinds of enclosures are really easy to use, and take as little as just a touch of a button to open and close. What this means for you is you can enjoy the best of both worlds, when the suns out, you can open your enclosure, enjoying the revitalising rays from the sun. But when the weather is dreary and wet, you can escape in your pool of warm water and forget the troubles around you by closing your enclosure.

Colour and design

When deciding on what enclosure is best for you, we’d recommend considering the different variations of colour, shapes and designs. Why not look for an enclosure that fits the aesthetics of your garden, for an organic and natural look.

Retractable enclosures

It is also worth mentioning, if you want more of an elaborate look, you could consider a fully retractable pool enclosure. As above you’ll have the option of having it either open or closed, making use of the swim spa versatility. We’d also recommend before finalising your decision consider what you have available to you, including budget.

We have faced many clients who when first bought a swim spa, did not consider adding an enclosure, which meant their fun was limited. After realising this and the other benefits that the swim spa offer, they didn’t want to lose any time throughout the year not being able to us it.  Making the extra investment for an enclosure is a good one because it allows you to use your spa all year round.

Take a look at your full range of enclosures on our website, or call us on 0208 300 4003 to get your swim spa enclosure.

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