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What You Need to Know About Hot Tub Accessories

When you buy your hot tub, you are going to find that it includes everything you need to have a wonderful hot tub experience. There are also a lot accessories that you can get for it to enhance your experience. Some are geared towards safety while others focus on entertainment.

Handles and Stair Rails

For added safety you want think about handles and stair rails. These are items that come in a variety of styles. Some are mounted to the side of the hot tubs while others are anchored to the ground near the stairs. Some of the models swing in and out creating extra security for getting in as well as out of the tub. There are some that have a light attached to them, which is perfect for those that love to use their hot tub at night.

Having a set of stairs to help you enter and exit your hot tub is another extra safety feature. If you are purchasing stairs, there are few things that they should include. You want them to be easy to assemble - some simply snap together. Focus on the height that you need for your particular hot tub. They should have a good weight to them, so they stay in place, yet not too heavy, so you have a problem moving them. Lastly, they should be non-slip.

Cleaning Accessories

One cleaning accessory that you may want to have available is a surface cleaning glove. This is a rubber glove that has a pad in the palm of it to help you scrub the exterior of your hot tub. For some quick and easy cleaning, there are some great vacuums on the market that are designed specifically for hot tubs. Also keep in mind that a great deal of cleaning can be eliminated with the use of a good quality hot tub cover.


Most people find that they are quite happy with all the entertainment that the hot tub has to offer, as well as the relaxation it provides. Some like to listen to music and others who enjoy their hot tub at night want some lighting. There are many different items that fall into the accessory category that meet these needs. There are even waterproof playing cards that can be used while relaxing in the hot tub.

When it comes to chemicals, they are really not classed as optional accessories but are must haves. Your hot tub provider will inform you as to what your hot tub requires. Also, your hot tub manual should outline the care, maintenance, and what chemicals are needed to keep your hot tub in prime condition.

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