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Why is a swim spa cover important?

Whether your swim spa is indoors or outside, and no matter what you use it for, a cover will be essential. From preserving the functionality of the swim spa to ensuring safety and curating aesthetics, there are many good reasons why investing in a well made swim spa cover is a great idea.

An eco approach

If you have a cover on your swim spa then this will help to maintain the temperature of the water. Heat rises so, without a cover, you’ll find much of the heat escapes and a lot more power is required to keep the swim spa warm. For those seeking a more eco friendly way to maintain a swim spa, a cover means you’ll need less energy to enjoy the same experience.

Improving the aesthetics

A good looking swim spa cover will only add to the aesthetics of your pool. The right cover will also make the space look more organised and ensure that you don’t have to look at water with debris floating in it.

Reducing the burden of cleaning and maintenance

If your swim spa is outside then there is a lot that can end up in the water, from insects through to leaves that have fallen from the trees. This not only looks unsightly but may also damage the swim spa, especially if it ends up clogging any of the mechanisms. If you want to keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimum, the addition of a cover will make this much easier to do.

Ensuring that your swim spa is safe

Especially if you have pets or small children it will be essential to cover exposed water, especially when there are no adults present to supervise. A professionally made, properly fitted cover minimises the potential for tragic accidents and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve taken all the steps you can to make your swim spa safe.

Better quality of water

When your swim spa is protected by a cover you’ll find that you don’t have to adjust the level of water or chemicals as often as for an unprotected pool. Water treatment chemical usage is reduced and the water in the pool is much less likely to evaporate as a result of being constantly exposed to the heat of the sun.

What to look for in your swim spa cover

Not every swim spa cover will deliver the best results. If you’re looking to ensure that you have the right cover for your pool then make sure the option you choose can offer:

  • A custom fit that is snug to the design of your swim spa
  • A cover guaranteed to keep debris out of the water
  • Regular servicing and easy installation
  • A safety-first design
  • Lockable system to provide peace of mind, especially where there are young children or pets in the home
  • Reliable design with great reviews
  • Full coverage

We supply and install swim spa safety covers from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers – to find out more, get in touch or take a look at our range of Swim Spas today.


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