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Why is it important to use and protect your hot tub cover?

There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to have a cover for your hot tub, and one that will protect your hot tub sufficiently. So why is it important to use and protect your hot tub cover?

General protection and hygiene

The most obvious reason to use a hot tub cover is to stop debris such as leaves, dirt or insects falling into your hot tub water. Users want to enjoy soaking in their hot tub knowing that it is as clean as possible, so ensuring that it is covered when not in use is the best way to keep your hot tub hygienic.

Sunlight can be damaging

Did you know that exposure to sunlight can be detrimental to your hot tub? Long periods of exposure to sunlight can damage the hot tub and cause premature deterioration of the materials used, such as fading. Protecting your hot tub from sunlight by using a cover can prolong its lifespan and protect the interior and exterior alike.

Reducing costs

Not only does a suitable hot tub cover reduce running costs, but it can also cut the costs of maintenance. Even with self-cleaning technology, chemicals must be balanced and leaving your hot tub open to the elements can change pH levels more quickly than when a cover is used. Therefore your cover cuts these costs and makes using your hot tub easier, whilst it can also keep in the heat and reduce energy consumption for your hot tub.

Safety and aesthetics

Hot tub safety is important too, and having a cover on your hot tub when it is not in use will increase this safety. If your hot tub sits in decking, for example, it could be easy for small children or pets to fall in, but the cover acts as a barrier to ensure no accidents happen. At the same time, your hot tub cover can give a stylish aesthetic to your hot tub when it is not being used.

Maintaining your hot tub cover

In our opinion, vinyl is the best material for hot tub covers, as long as they are cleaned and maintained properly. The Hot Tub and Swim Spa offers a cover that is unique and protects your hot tub to the highest possible level. Other vinyl covers can use PVC and be coated in plasticisers, plus softening agents to make it easier to manage. However, over time this can become damaged due to exposure to sunlight, and some protecting agents can leave a waxy coating or contain harsh chemicals which actually damage the vinyl.

Over time, hot tub covers can become brittle and dry, which looks messy but also can lead to tears and damages, which stop it working to protect your hot tub sufficiently. Our vinyl protector and restorer helps you to maintain your hot tub cover for longer, without damaging it. This, combined with regular cleaning with your garden hose, can extend the life of your hot tub and cover alike.

Find out more about our hot tub covers and vinyl protector and restorer by getting in touch on 0208 300 4003 today.

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