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5 Swim Spa Activities to Boost Your Mood and Wellbeing

If you’re keen to do more every day to boost your mood and wellbeing then a swim spa is a great resource to have. Cost effective, fun to use and much closer to home than a gym, your swim spa can be a great way to support physical and mental health. These are just some of the activities that you can do in a swim spa that will boost your mood and wellbeing.


It’s the most obvious activity for a swim spa - and also one of the most effective. You’ll be able to swim against the current that works for you, which means that swimming in your swim spa is ideal for all fitness levels. And for getting fitter. If you’re keen for an activity that works pretty much every major muscle group then swimming is it. It’s a supportive way to improve your health and fitness and boost overall wellbeing too.


If you’ve always been someone who found running painful - or you’re looking for more of a challenge than a treadmill - then running in a swim spa is ideal. In the water, the heaviness of gravity is minimised so you’ll get all the benefits of running without the pressure on joints and muscles. Plus, running in the water provides greater resistance, which means you can have a better and more intensive workout if you choose to. Run against a current that works for you, whether that’s focused on fitness or rehabilitation.


Maybe you’ve always wanted the fitness benefits of rowing but never had a rowing machine - or just never got around to using one at the gym. With a swim spa at home you can do regular rowing whenever it works for you. It’s a much more authentic and effective experience to actually row on water and it can get you used to ‘real life’ conditions on the water too if that’s where your focus is.

Supported strength activities

Strength training is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages because of the many benefits that it offers. If you’re looking to start training with weights in a more supported way then the swim spa is the ideal place for this. You’ll be able to get fitter and stronger more quickly - and with less risk of injury - if you’re working out in a swim spa. Plus, many people find the experience much more enjoyable.

Time out and time off

You don’t have to only use your swim spa for intense physical activity and improving your fitness. It’s also just as important for your mood and wellbeing to have somewhere to switch off and relax too. Use the spa jets for an ultra relaxing massage, float to release tension from your body or just enjoy the benefits of warm water immersion. A swim spa is also a great place to be sociable - which is always a great way to boost your mood.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your mood and wellbeing, these swim spa activities will help you do it. As a family-operated business encompassing two generations, we have over 50 years of combined experience selling and servicing hot tubs, swim spas, pools, saunas, gazebos and steam rooms. We love what we do because we love the lifestyle that comes with owning a luxurious hot tub or swim spa. Get in contact with a member of the team today to explore our range of fantastic products.

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