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6 reasons why your pool is a great calorie burner

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle, swimming is a very effective way to do it. You can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour in your pool (depending on your stats you have and the exercise that you do) so if you’re looking for a really effective way to shape up you don’t have to put on a pair of trainers to see great results. Below are 6 reasons why we think the pool is a great calorie burner for everyone.

1. Swimming is effective, but low impact, exercise

Exercise can often take its toll on the body, whether that’s knee pain from running or back issues as a result of cross fit. However, when you’re swimming, the buoyancy of the water provides a much more supportive environment, which means that it’s an exercise option for anyone with chronic conditions, such as arthritis, people with sensitive joints and the elderly too.

2. You can get in the pool even if you’re injured

Swimming is often used in the path to recovery from injury because the water helps to cushion the impact of the exercise. There are lots of different options for the way you can use your pool to burn calories if you’re injured, from straightforward swimming with floats or buoyancy aids to water weight training or aqua aerobics.

3. A full body workout

One of the reasons that swimming is so effective is because it works the entire body. You can burn calories, build muscle and tone your body with a swim workout that combines various different strokes. If you want to get the most out of a workout in your pool then make sure that you warm up first. After that you can switch between swim sprint strokes like butterfly or front crawl with rest periods or slower lengths of breaststroke in between.

4. A genuine calorie burner

The number of calories you’ll burn while swimming will depend on your size and shape, gender, as well as a range of other factors. However, on average you can burn 300 – 444 calories an hour doing most strokes, from breaststroke to front crawl. And if you want to burn more calories? Simply swim faster and for longer.

5. Additional Resistance

Working out in water may make your body feel light but water actually adds resistance to a workout because it’s more than 700 times denser than air. That means that you’re not only able to get the benefits of a cardio workout in your pool but the strengthening and toning effect of pushing against the water too.

6. A real mood booster

Swimming has been used as a way to improve mood for thousands of years. The physical exertion can release endorphins into the body but swimming also has the potential to help calm frayed nerves and reduce anxiety as a result of the calming impact of the water.

Swimming in your pool is a great way to burn calories, shape up and improve overall wellness.

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