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Avoid these common Hot Tub buying mistakes

Deciding on the right hot tub might be a difficult task for many first-time hot tub owners. Determining the correct hot tub for you can provide years of fun with minimum effort required, whereas selecting the wrong hot tub can end up being pricey, frustrating, and inconvenient. To help you out when embarking on your hot tub buying journey, we’ve put together a list of mistakes that can result in you purchasing a hot tub that isn’t quite up to scratch. Avoiding these blunders can help save you money and prevent the disappointment of discovering you’ve purchased the wrong hot tub for you.

Becoming too focused on the initial cost

The most common error we see people make when buying a hot tub is focusing too much on the initial price without considering the continuing expenditures. While the initial price is important, concentrating solely on it may end up costing you in the long run. When you commit to buying a hot tub, it’s advisable that you evaluate the hot tub’s long-term costs – this includes maintenance and repairs over the course of its lifetime. To predict that long-term costs, you should consider the production standard, quality parts, and features, and energy efficiency before you fully commit to your purchase.

Not fully considering the reasons why you’re purchasing a hot tub

Purchasing a hot tub can seem like a minefield. There is a wealth of different makes and models on the market, so you may ask, ‘how do I cut through the noise and find the perfect hot tub for me?’. The answer is determining the reasons why you’re buying a hot tub. In most cases, people tend to purchase a hot tub to relieve pain, to relax, or to entertain friends and family.

Not envisioning where the hot tub will be located

Imagine finding the perfect hot tub, only to realise that it won’t fit in your garden. It’s vital that you decide where you’re going to put the hot tub, measure the area, and then only look for hot tubs that fit this specification.

Not considering that amount of maintenance required

One of the most common criticisms among hot tub owners is that they find it difficult to maintain. The number of chemicals that must be added to the complexity of draining and refilling are common concerns. However, not all hot tubs are alike when it comes to their upkeep. If you don’t have the time or patience to keep your hot tub maintained, you’ll want to pay specific attention to the hot tub’s filtration system.   

Not purchasing through a reputable dealer

Last but not least, ensuring you purchase your hot tub through a reputable dealer could be the difference between a seamless hot tub purchasing journey and a rocky one. Many people make the mistake of purchasing with dealers that are seen to be untrustworthy, ruining the experience with poor after-sales support. Important questions to consider when choosing a hot tub dealer include: How long has the company been in operation? What do previous customers have to say about their experience? & What services do they offer?

Buying a hot tub is a really exciting process, but it can quickly become arduous if you fall into any of these traps. By avoiding these mistakes, you can guarantee that you end up with the hot tub that meets your every need, whilst providing excellent value for money.

The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company offer a wide range of hot tubs to fit every need and specification. With 5 different ranges to choose from, we can guarantee that we have the perfect hot tub for you. To discuss how we can help you achieve a piece of everyday happiness, get in touch with a member of our dedicated sales team on 0208 300 7003

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