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Benefits of swimming this summer

As the weather gets warmer - with the odd UK heat wave thrown in for good measure - many more of us start to head towards the water to cool off. While the local pool, rivers and the sea can be a great place to stay comfortable when it gets hot there are also lots of health benefits to swimming too. In fact, deciding to start swimming this summer could be one of the best ways to make the most of the weather and the positive potential for your health too.

A supported, strengthening exercise

The buoyancy of the water means that swimming is an exercise that you can do even if you suffer with back or neck pain or issues with joints. When you’re swimming, the support of the water means that there is no strain on the connective tissue in your body, which means that it’s a sport you can do even if you suffer with back pain etc. Plus, regular swimming can actually help to alleviate some of these symptoms and will strengthen your body so that you feel better out of the water too.

A great way to get fit

If you’re regularly swimming throughout the summer then you’re going to burn calories and improve your fitness too. Swimming doesn’t have the same negative effect on the body as many high impact activities, such as running, but can be a very effective way to help lose weight and improve overall fitness. It’s also fun, especially if you’re swimming with friends, which can make it a much easier commitment to stick to.

Give your muscles the attention they deserve

Swimming is a repetitive motion and will build muscle over time - which is why you see many professional and regular swimmers with very defined muscles all over. The water also offers resistance when you’re swimming and this can help to build up your muscles more quickly. If you start swimming on a regular basis over the summer this year then you’re going to develop positive muscle stamina and this kind of activity can also help with healing any problems with your muscles that already exist.

Helping to relieve stress

We are all under pressure but while some stress can be healthy, excessive stress never is. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to help lower your stress levels. Swimming, like many other types of exercise, will help to bring stress levels down and deliver an overall boost to your immune system as a result. If you’re swimming on a regular basis then you’re going to feel much better, physically and emotionally. Plus, many people who swim in a river or the sea say that they find natural water like this - and regularly being outside in a pool or natural water - has an instantly calming effect. Plus, it’s fun and fun, laughter and joy can be great antidotes to stressful situations.

If you’re looking for an effective way to get fit and stay cool this summer then swimming is the ideal activity to invest your time in.

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